Mathallen Vulkan

Mathallen Vulkan is a large food court in Oslo with over 30 stores - with their own independent menu and personal websites they wish to advertise. ScandyTag combines all these links into an intuitive list accessible to the costumer on each table on the premise.


Vestkanttorvet is one of the largest flee markets in oslo, with a significant quantity of different sellers displaying wares each week. ScandyTag allows for quick access to each  seller's personal payment-function for easy transactions. All you need to do is tapp the tag of the seller with your phone!



Lydbox is among Norway's biggest supplier of sound-experiences, delivering roughly 3500 sound-commercials each year. Lydbox uses ScandyTag to combine several senses, sound and visual, to create a complete costumer experience. 

Where sound over a speaker system may be inefficient, ScandyTag allows costumers in museums, malls, exhibitions, and tours to access a private sound-experience on their own devices.

PS: Hotel

PS: Hotel and ScandyTag has collaborated on an easy system for accessing online menus and social media accounts. 

This collaboration inspired us to expand in the hotel market, and develop creative solutions for ordering room-service, accessing overviews of local events, and booking a table at the local resturante - all from the comfort of your own suite.


Brow Rehab

Brow rehab uses ScandyTag to market their own intutive system for booking appointments, in addition to following them on their different social media accounts.

Eckers Frogner and Ullevaal

In Collaboration with Eckers, ScandyTag developed a "sone-approach", for letting customers view menues and social media, and more related to the specific location they were currently at.