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ScandyTag for Business

Are you looking for a way to enhance customer engagement and streamline business operations?

Unlock the power of proximity with ScandyTag

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Explore the world of ScandyTag


Table menu

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows for contactless payment options and streamlines the ordering and payment process for customers. This results in faster transactions, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced errors and costs for restaurants. It also enables restaurants to gather valuable customer data and offer loyalty programs.

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NFC can be used for registration as it enables quick and secure transfer of information. This makes it ideal for event registration where attendees can quickly and easily provide personal information and complete registration by tapping their NFC enabled device on an NFC reader. This streamlines the registration process and saves time for both attendees and event organizers.

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Business card

NFC works for business cards by allowing them to store and transfer digital information such as contact details, websites, and social media profiles through a simple tap

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Books and magazines

By incorporating NFC tags into books, authors and publishers can provide readers with additional multimedia content, such as audio and video, that enhances their reading experience. NFC can also be used for tracking book inventory and for providing secure copyright protection for digital books. 

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Museum & showroom

NFC allows for interactive and self-guided tours, enabling visitors to learn at their own pace and get additional information about specific artifacts. NFC also provides a more secure and efficient way for museums to manage access to exhibitions and collect valuable visitor data.

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NFC enables dynamic and interactive signage. This enhances the customer experience and provides a convenient way for businesses to share information and track customer engagement. Additionally, NFC-powered signs can be updated remotely, making it easier for businesses to keep their messaging current and relevant.

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