About ScandyTag

ScandyTag is the new and improved qr-code! Similar to tapping you card on a terminal, by tapping your phone on the ScandyTag allows for quick and easy access to any online media and payment-function.

ScandyTag in 3 easy steps


1. Turn on NFC

Make sure the NFC-function on your device is turned on!

You only have to do this once, and most devices will have "on" as standard.



Tap the SCandyTag

Each ScandyTag has a magnetic field. Put your device within that magnetic field to activate the ScandyTag. 

For best results, tap the ScandyTag og the lower-half of Android devices, and on the top-half of Apple devices


Click the link

Once your device recognizes the ScandyTag, click the pop-up link at the top of the screen


Click me

You only need one thing:

  • Your phone

You do NOT need you own ScandyTag to use another ScandyTag

Meet the founder


Theodor Blomberg

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My name is Theodor and I am a 3rd year business student pursuing a bachelor in Scotland, with a knack for entrepreneurship and tech. I have several years of work experience in sales and developed ScandyTag during the Corona pandemic to further hone my skills within management and innovation. I love to work with the passionate costumers of ScandyTag, and cooperatively make this product the best it can be.

If you have any questions, be sure to send me a message!