Reliable infrastructure for transmitting info

Improving on the QR-code, let your costumers tap their way into an exciting digital experinece

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ScandyTag is the new hub for all your media channels

Add and organize your payment functions, website, social media, and newletters in an easily accessible list


Easy to use

Simply, create a free profile and add all the media you wish!
Once thats done, you connect it to a scandyTag and let costumers tap to access it 

In comparison to a QR-code, the ScandyTah allows businesses to connect more than just a single link to a tag.

Where to find ScandyTag

ScandyTag is an effective and intuetive way for vistors to explore the exebition online - using only their phone.

Using a costumized system of ScandyTags, you can direct visitors to online pages, transfer files, or play sound bites.

Think ScandyTag is right for you?

ScandyTag is an effective and intuetive way to tap our way into the future - using only our phones


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